Patrick Ferreri


My name is Patrick

True: My name is Patrick and I live in Brooklyn.

Also true: I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, but was raised mostly in my imagination.

Still true: The arts grabbed me at a young age as a signature potty dance taught me how not to wet myself.

From there my love of motion took me towards more formal dance training at the age of 5, a BFA in dance from NYU at the age of 21, and from there, an ever-evolving performance career in the age range of 30-35.

From NY City Center to basement studios in Siberia, my performance career has taken me around the world and back, leaving me with an insatiable thirst for the next adventure.

So... Where are we going?

Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
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Pics and Projects


Download my resume here.


  • tv

    Divorce | Featured | HBO | dir Wendy Macdonough

    40 North | Featured | Hulu | dir Ali Selim

  • theater

    Love Songs *domestic touring (1yr) | Neil Young Dancer/LEAD
    NY City Center, NYC | dir Larry Keigwin

    Underground *domestic and international touring (3yrs) | Website Guy/LEAD
    BAM Harvey Theater, NYC | dir David Dorfman | asst dir Alex Timbers

    Sleep No More | Macduff and Various/LEAD
    The McKittrick Hotel, NYC | dir Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle

    Astral Converted *costumes by R. Rauschenburg and original music by J. Cage | Dancer/SUPPORTING
    Park Avenue Armory, NYC | choreo Trisha Brown | dir Diane Madden

    Tribes/Dominion | Dancer/SUPPORTING
    YBCA, San Francisco, CA | dir Sara Shelton Mann | asst dir David Szlasa

    Village of Waltz | Dancer/LEAD
    Lobby Center, Houston, TX | dir Jane Weiner

  • Choreography

    2017 Raunch Aerobics *sold out shows | The PIT, NYC

    2013 qualified for a one night stand | Phantom Theater, Warren, VT

    2011 qualified maggie | Kunst-Stoff Arts Benefit; San Francisco, CA

    2011 qualified alma | KICKST(ART); San Francisco, CA

    2011 qualified | Kunst-Stofff Arts Fest 2010; San Francisco, CA

    2007 saturated figure | Sideshow, Monkeytown; Brooklyn, NY

    2007 this might be a self portrait | Moving Men, Dixon Place; New York, NY

    2006 qualified for a one night stand | Money Matters, Dixon Place; New York, NY


  • NYU Tisch School of the Arts 2005

    BFA in Dance no less.

    Someone approved an 18yr old to take out massive loans for that too.

  • Laughing Lotus School of Yoga 2007

    Damn right I'm yoga certified. Lets do some sun salutes!

    While we're at it, I can also move your through some things with free-weights, a TRX, an AXLE trainer, or an Antigravity hammock.

    Let's do it all!

  • Special Skills

    Dance (Partnering, Ballet, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Tap, Club/Freestyle), Advanced Yoga (200hr Teaching Cert., Antigravity Yoga Level 2), Strength Training (Free Weights, TRX Cert., Axle Rotational Trainier Cert.), Valid NY State Drivers License and Valid US Passport.

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